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Apology Flowers

Want to send apology to your partner, friends or your wife ?
Send a bunch of flowers to her with your own apology message, I believe that she will not angry anymore after receive our daily fresh flowers from our professional floral designer.

18pcs Roses Bouquet 18pcs Roses Bouquet
-11 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3567
18pcs Roses Bouquet, more special than send a one dozen roses bouquet ..
HK$924.00 HK$824.00
18pcs Roses Bouquet with Purple Flowers for Fathers Day
-24 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3030
18pcs Roses Bouquet with Purple Color Match Flowers and Fillers Beautifully wrapped with Light Brown Color Papers ..
HK$993.00 HK$754.00
2 Asiatic Lily Vase Bouquet
-21 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3099
2 Asiatic Lily Bouquet ..
HK$475.00 HK$375.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKG-2828
Want to make a unique statement? Send a bouquet of purple roses. This soft royal hue boasts a sweet elegance when made into one of our signature bouquets. Whether it’s their favorite color or you just want to mix things up, a bouquet of purple roses from our flower shop is a perfect way to c..
HK$1,075.00 HK$1,005.00
20 Stems Red Roses in a Round Gift Box 20 Stems Red Roses in a Round Gift Box
-10 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3610
20 Stems Red Roses in a Round Gift Box The more the merrier! Having many fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses held together marvellously is a divine sight to behold. Magnificent is the word as the number of roses increases when complimented with our minimalistic-designed flower bucket. ..
HK$1,013.00 HK$913.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3488
24 Long Stem premium Roses Presentation Box ..
HK$1,075.00 HK$975.00
30pcs Large Mixed Color Tulips Bouquet
-22 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3464
We proudly present our 30-piece Large Mixed Color Tulips arrangement in a vase, sourced directly from the tulip fields of Holland. Each week, we carefully select these vibrant tulips to create a masterpiece suitable for various occasions. For birthdays, these tulips bring a burst of color to the ..
HK$1,375.00 HK$1,075.00
Brand: Ecuador Rose Garden Model: HKF-2638
99 Rose Bouquet, send the best to your lover ..
HK$2,013.00 HK$1,925.00
A Place in the Sun
-25 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3505
A Place in the Sun ..
HK$805.00 HK$605.00
Alstroemeria Bouquet - The Isa Alstroemeria Bouquet - The Isa
-10 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3597
The Alstroemeria Bouquet with 10 Pink Alstroemeria and Greeny Leaf in Elegant Packing for Birthday and Congratulations ..
HK$805.00 HK$725.00
Angela Baby Please Marry Me Angela Baby Please Marry Me
-12 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2799
A wonderful 100pcs Long steam Red Roses Bouquet, she should be very happy when the flowers arrived her office ..
HK$3,413.00 HK$3,013.00
Asiatic and Iris Package, White Wine and a Helium Balloon
-11 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3436
Asiatic and Iris Package, sparking wine and balloon Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business. 根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類. ..
HK$875.00 HK$775.00
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